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Our Top Contacts in Newark, NJ

When a patient comes into our office for a contact lens fitting, Dr. Feinstein selects which lens or lenses will be the most appropriate to that particular patient. The patient then tries on samples of the lenses in the office to make sure that the lenses are comfortable and the vision is good before contacts are purchased. Contact us to book your appointment at our office in Newark, NJ.

Our Most Popular Contact Lenses Are Listed Here

Biotrue ONEday for Presbyopia Contact Lenses

biotrue oneday for presbyopia in Newark, NJIf you find yourself holding books, menus and phone screens farther and farther away in order to focus properly, or if close work, like reading or handwriting, gives you headaches or eyestrain, you may be showing early signs of presbyopia.

Biotrue ONEday for Presbyopia daily disposable multifocal lens has a 3-Zone Progressive Design to help you see clearly and comfortably with your contacts, up close, far away, and in between. Biotrue ONEday for Presbyopia is made of a unique material that works like the eye to form a dehydration barrier providing comfort all day long.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Mimics the lipid layer of the tear film
  • Matches the water content of the cornea1
  • Allows for the oxygen a healthy eye needs2
  • Maintains 98% of its moisture for up to 16 hours3
  • 3-Zone Progressive Design gives you clear vision up close, far away, and in between
  • UVA/UVB protection to help protect your eyes along with sunglasses


proclear toric 389 x 249Correct Even High Levels of Astigmatism

If you have astigmatism, your eyesight can be blurry or distorted when looking at both near and far objects. CooperVision Proclear® toric contacts correct this problem. Even if you have a high level of astigmatism, you can enjoy the benefits of Proclear toric lenses thanks to our extended range (XR) of powers.


  • Monthly replacement scheduleStable orientation and excellent vision
  • Stay 96% hydrated throughout the day, even after 12 hours of wear
  • Extended power range also available for higher levels of astigmatism
  • May help address eye dryness when wearing contact lenses


acuvue contact lenses in Millersburg, OHACUVUE OASYS® has never been beaten on comfort by any monthly lens.


  1. Digital devices and challenging environments like cold air conditioning or dusty, dry air can cause discomfort and irritation. ACUVUE OASYS® Brand Contact Lenses with HYDRACLEAR® PLUS Technology are inspired by the way your tear film works to help reduce the feeling of tired eyes. Available with correction for near and farsighted prescriptions.
  2. 2-Week contact lenses available 12 or 24 lenses per box.
  3. The highest level of UV protection available in a contact lens.*
  4. HYDRACLEAR® PLUS technology helps to stabilize the tear film minimizing dryness and maintaining moisture.

*UV-absorbing contact lenses are NOT substitutes for protective UV-absorbing eyewear such as UV-absorbing goggles or sunglasses because they do not completely cover the eye and surrounding area. You should continue to use UV-absorbing eyewear as directed.


AIR OPTIX AQUA Contact Lenses

ONLY AIR OPTIX® brand contact lenses feature SmartShield™ Technology that creates a protective layer of moisture to help shield lenses from irritating deposits for consistent comfort all month long.1-4Up to 5X more oxygen than traditional soft contact lenses for white, healthy-looking eyes.

Irritating deposits like dust, dirt, and lipids can build up on contact lenses, which can make it difficult for them to stay clean and comfortable. AIR OPTIX® AQUA contact lenses take a unique approach.

SmartShield™ Technology: Helps to promote moisture on the surface of the lens, delivering a protective layer of moisture that resists irritating deposits.1-3 The result is a contact lens that offers clear vision and consistent comfort from day 1 to day 30. Plus the monthly replacement schedule is easy to remember.

FreshLook® Color Contact Lenses



3-in-1 color technology gives your own natural beauty a boost.

FreshLook® COLORBLENDS® contact lenses use 3-in-1 color technology for a naturally beautiful look, whether you want a dramatic transformation or subtle enhancement. Even if your vision is perfect, experience a fresh, new look that’s always you.


  • OUTER RING defines the eye
  • PRIMARY COLOR transforms the eye color
  • INNER RING brightens and adds depth

Only your eye care professional can determine the best wearing schedule for you. It is recommended that FreshLook® COLORBLENDS®, FreshLook® COLORS, and FreshLook® DIMENSIONS contact lenses be replaced every 2 weeks. FreshLook® One-Day contact lenses should be replaced daily, so just toss them after you wear them.

FreshLook® COLORBLENDS®, FreshLook® COLORS, and FreshLook® DIMENSIONS color contact lenses are designed for daily wear with nightly removal. When not changing into a fresh pair, remove your contact lenses daily to properly clean, disinfect, and store them.

  • FreshLook® COLORBLENDS® contact lenses – FreshLook® COLORBLENDS® contact lenses for naturally beautiful dark or light eyes offers you a wide range of desired looks–from subtle eye color enhancement to a bold, noticeable change.
  • FreshLook® COLORS contact lenses – FreshLook® COLORS contact lenses give you the bold look you want.
  • FreshLook® DIMENSIONS contact lenses – FreshLook® DIMENSIONS contact lenses are an excellent choice to enhance light eyes.
  • FreshLook® ONE-DAY contact lenses – Blue, Green, Gray, and Pure Hazel from the FreshLook® COLORBLENDS® contact lenses collection are also available in the convenience of a daily disposable — with FreshLook® One-Day contact lenses.